Higher State Trail Ultra Lite Smock | HST1098

Higher State Trail Ultra Lite Smock | HST1098

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  • Technical Fit - Allows for layering and maximum micro-climate creation.
  • Lightweight Construction - Remains effortlessly lightweight during testing conditions.
  • Half-Zip - Provides the wearer with the ability to customise the level of ventilation needed as per their requirements.
  • High-rise Collar - Ensures further protection against the elements is administered.
  • Thumbholes - Increases the secure fitting element of the garment.
  • Adjustable Hem - Further increases the fit of the jacket.
  • Longer Length Hem - At the back for further protection against the elements.
  • Reflective Elements - Increases visibility during low level lighting.

About Higher State

We don't believe in lengthy blurb about technical detail, fabrication and performance success.That should be a given, and we're based in Yorkshire, so we tell it just the way it is. Yes, we hope you're a huge success in our gear, that you smash records, achieve new PBs. But, more than anything, we hope you enjoy the ride, the run, the effort. Do it hard, fast and long, but do it in a Higher State. That's living, lad.

Manufacturer product code - HST1098

Higher State Trail Ultra Lite Smock |