Skins A400 Women's Compression Running T-Shirt SKI430

Skins A400 Women's Compression Running T-Shirt SKI430

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  • A-Seams - 30% stronger than overlock stitches and sit flat against your body for the ultimate comfort and durability without chafing.
  • Reduces Pressure - On muscles are at a high risk of injury during running.
  • A400 Construction - Delivers the most precise compression possible.
  • Applies Pressure To Muscles Closest To Your Heart - To improve your circulation, increases the flow of oxygen to your muscles and reduces the build of of blood lactate.
  • Precision Fit - Improving fit, comfort and compression.
  • Panels - Follow the natural lines of your muscles and tendons with the seams placed specifically to act as anchor points, offering focused support and stability to major muscle groups.
  • ADAPTIVE Technology - Helps to deal with temperature control and moisture management.
  • Dynamic Gradient Compression - Increases circulation to deliver more oxygen to your working muscles.
  • Improved Neckline Fit - For added comfort.
  • Stretch Airflow Mesh - Used in the underarms for added breathability.
  • 360 Degree Reflectivity - Using premium reflective glass bead technology, making you safe and visible in any light.
  • Warp Knitted Fabric - Delivers specific levels of elasticity and perfectly controlled compression at all times, allowing it to return to its original tension and shape.
  • 50+ UV Protection.

Manufacturer product code - SKIZB99330049001

Skins A400 Women's Compression Running T-Shirt